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Power Blues From The Heart

Polly O’Keary has lived the Blues life.

She learned to read music by kerosene lamp, in a log cabin in a remote part of Washington State.

She started playing in ex-pat bars in Mexico at 16,

and Eastern Washington watering holes for rural farm workers at the age of 17.

She dropped out of school with an 8th grade education,

married a prison-bound man at the age of 18 and

by the time she was 21, Polly had logged more stage hours than most musicians twice her age. 

 At 28, upon seeing Jeff Healey at a friend’s bar in Canada, she became obsessed with blues, studying and practicing the genre until carpel tunnel syndrome temporarily rendered her hands nearly immobile, and she quickly came to the attention of the Pacific Northwest blues scene with her powerful and emotional voice and her frenetic stage presence.
Today, she’s a PhD student, a world-traveled bassist, one of Washington State’s

most highly-awarded female blues singers and songwriters.

But her music reflects the life of a modern blues woman; she’s seen the river rise and

take everything more than once, and lived to laugh, sing, and write music about it.

Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method is the trio she built with her husband and drummer Tommy Cook, with whom she shared rhythm section duties for international touring act Too Slim and the Taildraggers for four years.

Polly O’Keary is today’s blues woman, rooted in tradition, but informed by the 21st Century. Pulling in influences from zydeco, country, funk, jazz, rockabilly, surf and rock and roll, she and her trio, Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method, bring a searing and joyful performance of today’s blues to audiences across the U.S. and Canada.


Polly is available for a workshop on Vocal Care

Polly's been singing for 30 years and in that time she's had vocal nodules several times. Yet now she's singing with a greater range and power than ever before in her career. She will show singers the techniques and tools she uses to maintain a heavy and taxing tour schedule while keeping her voice healthy, including a daily regimen of vocal care and nutritional support, the importance of cool downs and a simple 10 minute cool down, warming up the voice, and daily exercises when not on the road. She can provide a video presentation as well, if the technology is available on site. 



Polly O’Keary is a powerhouse blues/rock singer whose voice has the

resonance and attitude that permeates her impressive bass playing


Miller’s guitar work is outstanding. Their songs are powerful self-expressions…


A powerful voice, full of the primitive force of the blues


Polly O'Keary and the Rhythm Method 

2018: IBC finalist Best Self Produced CD, Black Crow Callin'

2018 - Best Blues Band (first half) - LA Music Critic

Best Album: Compass, Washington Blues Soceity

Best Album, Compass, Inland Empire Blues Society

Best New Band, Washington Blues Society


Polly O'Keary

6-time Washington Blues Society Winner Best Female Vocalist

6-time Washington Blues Society Winner Best Blues Songwriter

More than 25 nominations for vocalist, bass, songwriter and performer. 


Tommy Cook 

2-time Washington Blues Society Winner Best Blues Drummer


David Miller 

4-time Washington Blues Society Best Blues Guitar nominee


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